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Intro in Situ stands for a new sound. Contribute to the very first concert series on our new stage in AINSI Maastricht and enable the growth and bloom of adventurous music!

Music is a multidisciplinary art form that must be heard and seen and whether it is made by young or experienced makers, has a clear genre or transcends all the boxes, music needs an audience.

Room for adventure

Our new stage in AINSI, Maastricht is the perfect place for the presentation of contemporary (chamber) music performed by renowned ensembles as well as young talent, from Limburg and far beyond. A wonderful program of 20 concerts by ensembles and soloists which centers around young talent and adventure, is ready to shine in the autumn of 2022. We're almost there, but to really make this possible, we need your help!

Between October and December 2022 you will travel through different cultures and through intense stories through different realities. There are concerts by renowned ensembles such as Ragazze Quartet and Modelo62. There are concerts by up-and-coming international talents, such as Scottish composer Genevieve Murphy and Polish composer Jerzy Bielski. And there are concerts by local composers and ensembles, such as Germaine Sijstermans and Blazersensemble Zuiderwind.

Your contribution helps us to realize this program. Your gift ensures that makers of new music can be heard again on stage after two years of silence, at a brand new location in Maastricht, all while being paid fairly for their work!

Room for makers

“Unknown, soon to be loved”: that is what Intro has been committed to for years. Since its foundation in 1984, Intro has provided space for creators of music. We support makers in their artistic research, coach them in their learning questions, facilitate their (im)material needs where possible, and help them generate an income and reach an audience.

Muziekhuis aan de Maas

Since 2021, Intro in Situ has been housed in AINSI. In this beautiful industrial building at the foot of the St Pietersberg, cement was packed and shipped for almost a hundred years. Now it is open to the public to enjoy new music amid forty-eight green plants, next to a cozy bar and with a view of the Maas. Will you help us make the launch of our venue for adventure and experiment a great success?

Join us and make this great concert series possible! We hope to welcome you soon in AINSI. The journey starts there!

€40 Donate Recommended Actie tegenprestatie: Concert & kleine wijnproeverij - Enkel in de laatste week van deze campagne beschikbaar! Je krijgt een kaartje voor een concert naar keuze én voorafgaand daaraan serveren we je een prachtige proeverij van drie van onze bijzondere natuurwijnen! 10 donors €65 Donate Two tickets of your choice - You get two guest list spots for a concert of your choice or 1 guest list spot for two concerts of your choice* and a cup of coffee or tea. *you can choose freely from the 20 concerts, as long as tickets are available. Guest list spots are allocated in order of donations coming in, so be quick! 12 donors €15 Donate Big thanks - You contribute to a new sound. Thank you very much! 17 donors €30 Donate A ticket of your choice - You're on the guest list for a concert of your choice.* *you have a free choice of the 20 concerts, as long as tickets are available. Guest list spots are allocated in order of when the donations come in, so be quick! 12 donors €125 Donate Be present at the soundcheck and dine together with the artists! - Attend the sound check prior to a concert of your choice* and dine together with us in the cafe, at the same time as the performers. You will of course receive two guest list spots for that concert! *you can choose freely from the 20 concerts, as long as tickets are available. Guest list spots are allocated in order donations coming in, so be quick! €250 Donate For the super fan: 10 concerts - You will receive a guest list spot for ten concerts of your choice, or two guest list spots for five concerts of your choice* AND your name will be mentioned in the program booklets for October, November and December 2022. *you can choose freely from the 20 concerts, as long as tickets are available. Guest list spots are allocated in order donations coming in. If you can't see all your concerts in the fall, your credit will remain valid for concerts in 2023. 4 donors €500 Donate Beer college - Come to Intro with your friends or family for a real beer lecture from Gulpener's beer sommelier. You'll learn all about beer, and of course taste them as well. Afterwards you'll attend a concert of your choice*! Suitable for 20 people. * depending on the availability of the sommelier and tickets: date in consultation. No longer available €1.500 Donate Wine tasting with your colleagues - You will receive a private wine tasting for your team or for your relations and afterwards you will visit a concert, for a maximum of 20 people. No longer available
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Nog 6 dagen!

28-09-2022 | 10:53 Lieve donateurs,  Wat een sprint trekken we! Daar zijn we jullie allemaal erg dankbaar voor, dankzij jullie staan we nu al op 63%! Maar we gaan natuurlijk door naar de 100%, alleen dan kan de concertreeks gerealiseerd worden! Om nog nét iets langer de mogelijkheid te bieden om te doneren, hebben we de campagne met een weekend verlengd, doneren en delen kan uiterlijk tot en met maandag 3 oktober om 23:59!  Voormalig artistiek en componist directeur Bart van Dongen, laat in bovenstaand filmpje zien, op geheel intro in situ wijze waarom deze concertreeks en intro in situ zo belangrijk zijn. En dat is niet alleen vanwege wat we doen voor muziek en de makers… kijk je mee? Spread the wordMet nog 6 dagen op de teller,  willen we je vragen om deze campagne te delen met je vrienden, familie, kennissen. Dat kan bijvoorbeeld via Whatsapp. Lieve groet!Tom Swart & Team Intro in Situ
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